how ignorant of you

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Posted by kurt at 4:38pm Apr 9 '05
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"they don't care, as long as they can be "sexually liberated" lol"

You are not an atheist. You do not know the mind, motives, and morality of an atheist. We are not typified by one professed atheist. We are a great many of the population; 18% in Canada, as it stands, and on the rise. We respect that atheists come from all backgrounds and carry their own sets of morals. We do not fit into one nice little package in that you seem to think we all want sexual liberation.

I was born atheist. I have known since I could think logically that there is no higher power, afterlife, or any of that fairytale crap. I, personally, view religion as a means to the end for those too weak to face the reality that when are you dead this game is over. When you make a decision it was your free will to do so. And nobody, nobody else is inside your head guiding you along some fucking greater path. I feel the only reason atheism doesn't grow at a staggering rate is because so many people want to feel they have someone with them, even when they are alone. Others don't claim atheism because they are conditioned to go to church and believe. They may not feel anything, but they say they do. Those are the closet atheists. I am of pepper's description that was a response to frayed's thread. I feel you are all lunatics for believing in unicorns.

As for creationism vs evolution. You're right, I don't care. We exist here and now free of intervention from higher powers and that is enough for me. Why suddenly must atheists support every little detail of theirs beliefs (beliefs about the physical world) with proven scientific fact, when the religious factions have no science to back up a single claim of theirs? We are continually working to solve all of our world's mysteries, which is certainly more than the religious can say. Suddenly WE are to be held as liars because of ONE unproven situation, meanwhile most if not ALL unproven beliefs surrounding your religion have no scientific grounds. Double-standard from the tyranny of the majority at it's worst.

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