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We are a small, private online community going strong since 1998. People from countries around the world discuss topics ranging from relationships to politics, cooking to technology, and more.

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There are no ads on 4thKingdom, no "like" buttons, no spam, no search engine spiders indexing our message boards. The site is funded by voluntary member support.

The 4thKingdom site offers a unique experience, having been designed and built from scratch. Several RPG elements have been added, such as an in-site currency and item collecting. But what our members come back for day after day is the high-quality, fun, private environment for sharing and debating.

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There are nearly a million posts on our message boards, however a small number of them have been made public. You can find them here:

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One aspect of our community is sharing and commenting on articles, videos and other content. Below we've made public some of the latest links showing the interests of our members. Enjoy!

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Android App Our app will make sure you don't miss private messages and replies from other 4K members. You can also add a 4K home screen widget to see what's currently happening in our community. The app works on both phones and tablets.

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