i've got a transformer as well

Posted by 79 at 12:35pm Dec 11 '13
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and i generally agree with sam. they keyboard dock is wonderful - he didn't mention it also functions as a second battery and charges the tablet itself. i'm extremely satisfied with the battery life even for just the tablet, so no complaints whatsoever on that end.

i got it as a bridge between my desktop and my phone, the space most people put a laptop in. it fits in the small (tiny) backpack i use around campus or as my personal item on planes - much more mobile, i've found, than a regular laptop. reading email on my phone is easy, but replying is a pain - this works great, even for someone with large hands like mine. surfing the net is pretty easy (i won't say great, because i'm used to a 19x12 res monitor on my desktop, so anything smaller than that is going to annoy me a bit...FWP) - looking up something important and perhaps lengthy (eg, derivations of kinetic equations i've forgotten after years of not needing them) is much, much easier on a tablet than a phone.

and yeah, i don't really need more power in it. anything above what it can do i have my desktop for - and those things are generally not things i need to do while i'm out and about.

anyway, not a true 2-in-1 as you're talking about. it's a full-on tablet with a keyboard dock. as a tablet, it's up there with the best of them. and for what i would use a laptop for, it's definitely adequate. in my situation, it's a great solution.

Transformer Prime

Transformer Prime Dock

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