The TSA is apparently relaxing procedures

Posted by Sir Four at 7:48am Oct 22 '13
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For some airline travelers, anyway.

I haven't seen it reported in the media, but last Wednesday when I was passing through security at Orlando Airport I was luckily chosen to to participate in pre-9/11-hysteria security procedures. I had to tap a screen to get randomly assigned to this line or that. Those on the line I got sent to did not have to remove our shoes, did not have to remove laptops from bags, did not have to separate out our allowable liquids/gels, did not have to present ID again, etc. Just throw your crap on the x-ray conveyor thing and walk through a metal detector.

A friendly security agent explained that this was a new thing which had just started that day, and the employees were being trained on the changes. Indeed some of them looked confused, and a boss-type dude was reiterating directions like, "no you don't have to check their ID on this line."

It was pretty sweet. Imagine, retaining your dignity in the airport security check!

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