FAA rescinding archaic "no electronics" rules

FAA allowing most electronic device use throughout flights
Listen up, Big Travel! These fixes would make travel more pleasant for us and maybe save you money. (CNN) -- Airplane travelers will soon be able to watch videos and play games with their electronic devices throughout their entire flight -- and ... cnn.com
Posted by Kromey at 1:43pm Oct 31 '13
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After practically decades of studies showing that the meager EM fields produced by consumer electronics don't have any effect on planes' instruments, the FAA has finally announced that it's rescinding the ban on electronic devices under 10,000 feet.

Well, sort of.

Inexplicably, the airlines still have to prove that their planes are "hardened against the EM" of consumer electronics, despite the countless studies saying there effectively is no such thing in the first place.

Oh well, progress is progress, can't really expect too much sanity from a government agency...

added on 1:44pm Oct 31 '13:

That should read "hardened against the EM interference" in the third paragraph.

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