When Arm Wrestling goes horribly wrong

Ex-NRL prop Ben Ross breaks arm on live TV
Updated June 12, 2015 12:28:04 Former NRL player Ben Ross has broken his arm on live television during an arm-wrestle with former NRL star Wendell Sailor. Ross and Sailor were appearing on last night's Footy Show on Channel Nine when the mishap occurred. abc.net.au
Posted by Trogdor at 2:08am Jun 13 '15
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Two footy legends were arm wrestling for charity last week on Live TV when all hell broke loose and one guy managed to break his arm in three places.

You can actually hear his arm snap as they go at it. It is a horrifying sound, a friend of mine was watching it live and she almost threw up.

The attached link has a video of it as reported on the ABC News here in Australia. If you guys can't handle horrifying noises of bones crunching, please don't watch it.

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