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Frida Kahlo Gets a Totally Unnecessary Cover Girl Makeover
An artist intended to make Frida Kahlo beautiful, and instead showed how damaging our idea of beauty is...
Posted by Someone Else at 2:15am Nov 16 '13
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An artist gave Frida Kahlo a makeover to show that she can be beautiful, too.

And in doing so, has ignited quite the controversy.

It's a shame the artist was probably being narrow-minded, rather than making the phenomenal social statement I took it as.

Frida Kahlo is gorgeous, in her natural and distinct way. And to see her whitewashed (racial pun unintentional, but appropriate) shows just how much damage our idea of beauty really does.

Next time you put on make up to hide what you think of as flaws...think about this. And think about whether you're actually improving your look, or just trying to hide your natural beauty to blend in a little better with everyone else.

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