A confession on Myers-Briggs: stereotypical images

Posted by Psilocybin at 9:02pm Dec 30 '18
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When I think of each of the Myers-Briggs types, I have stereotypical images that pop into my head for each of them. These stereotypes help me comprehend what the type is about.

ISTJ: An Organization Man in a grey flannel suit and dark brown businessman haircut, saluting his superiors at work and responsibly bringing in his portfolio and, as he says in his short-spoken way, "just the facts"

ISFJ: A fortysomething mother trying to "protect the children" from seeing pornography on the Internet, all the while telling children and even teens they shouldn't have any rights because "That's not what our society says, dear".

ESTJ: A large White man in a light brown toupee with an expensive grey suit, booming orders at his employees in a "common sense for me should be common sense for everyone" voice

ESFJ: A blonde woman sitting on the sofa with her guests and a slice of chocolate cake on her plate, smiling at the birthday party with the Hallmark card she's holding up.

ISTP: A Gen-X snowboarder in red sweats with flames drawn on the vertical stripes and ski jacket, cruising down the hill and then reënergizing with some Mountain Dew.

ISFP: A blonde chick who performs punk rock music and wears a black leather jacket, with hearts and cartoon skulls drawn onto her clothes and school binders.

ESTP: A skater boy with sideways baseball cap, riding his skateboard places he's not allowed to and mouthing sarcastic dismissals of the adults who are Establishment-reverent.

ESFP: A girl in retro clothing at a rave, handing Ecstasy to the boy she's dancing with while giggling and telling him he's got that special something.

INTJ: A nerd with a retrograde brown hairstyle, dress shirt, beige jacket and glasses sitting in his armchair with world-weary disdain at the "idiot" he's speaking to.

INTP: An overweight, ponytailed geek sitting at his laptop and visiting sites where he discusses quantum physics and new sustainability paradigms, tweaking his Unified Theory of Everything.

ENTJ: A tireless middle-aged man pulling off PowerPoint presentations to inspire the employees at his game-changing Internet

ENTP: A stubborn teen-ager in drab clothes, arguing with his parents so much and so often that they've started wondering if he's just trolling yet ripping his parents' cliché arguments to threads.

INFJ: A single young lady with curly hair, who goes about her day eating at the café and pondering the meaning of everything in her life, spending time with her small circle of very special friends a few times a week.

INFP: A little boy standing atop his bed in karate gi with his [private] lightsaber, issuing dramatic proclamations about killing evil monsters who cannot defeat him!

ENFJ: A teacher at a private preschool who has her students all sit in a circle and sing songs that teach lessons about interracial harmony.

ENFP: A long-haired demonstrator giving a speech in front of hundreds, filled with gimmicks like ripping up photos and throwing water balloons filled with feces.

Do all of you have mental images like these of the 16 types? If so, what are they?

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