td bank is it going under

Posted by nibor at 8:52am Oct 12 '09
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so the other day i went to put gas in my car on pay day and you know what my card didn't work my card didn't work because apparently on pay day my account had twenty dollars in it so I go inside and pay that way.
I was looking to do a fill up and grab some cash so I could go get Michael my youngest. Instead i had to Call his dad and explain that I had a ton of things to do first and for some reason now I had no money to do them.
He asked me if i was with td bank because they had been apparently having problems and told me i would need to go to the bank to get things worked out but it was cool he was going to ask me about Micheal going with him to a family party anyway.
So the next day I go to the bank thank goodness eddie was watching the boys so I could get things dealt with while remaining nice. The boys tend to fustrate me when dealing with matters so important.
BEfore I left though I checked out my account well they got my money back in there good, however now the overages fees which i should not be able to get due to the type of card i have, the type that just tells me nope you have no money you can't buy that even if it embarese me in a store some times. See i would much rather have that then what i saw.
I saw overage fees surpassing that of my pay check. So now it said I owed the bank for there error.
Lucky though this was expected at the bank as it only took them 5 mins to fix and they were herding the line of people in behind me I got there early thank goodness.

However after wards when I went grocery shopping the and talked to the cashier about it she said oh they are having those problems again it was just last week I had some problems with them.

So this is reoccurring, she even began talking about wondering if the bank was going under. Now she has me thinking. Sigh. I have my money back now. But now i am wondering for how long.
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