Well that's depressing

Posted by Kromey at 3:53pm Jul 1 '10
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6 months ago I posted that I'd gotten debt-free (mostly -- at the least I was in control). That's sadly no longer the case.

Two oral surgeries, plus c-pays for ER and doctor visits and assorted prescriptions, and now scrambling to figure out how to pay for [private]'s college classes... things aren't anywhere near as bad as that $11k+ credit card debt I'd paid off 6 months ago, but I am sitting atop about half that now, and haven't paid for [private]'s classes yet... Ugh.

Well, this isn't out-of-control debt by any means, but still unpleasant as I see interest charges piling up each month again. *Sigh* So it goes, I suppose.
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