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Posted by Kromey at 5:55pm Aug 26 '11
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Anyone have any experience with disputes on PayPal?

Quick summary: A little over 2 weeks ago, I ordered an item from a website, and it used PayPal to take my payment. $31, including shipping -- not at all bad for a handmade leather collar!

Well, according to the website, I should have gotten shipping info in 3-5 days. Come Monday, almost two weeks later, still heard nothing, so I e-mailed the guy. Yesterday, still no word, so I e-mailed again. E-mailed again today.

Then I decided to take a look at the dispute process on PayPal. Apparently it starts off as a dispute not with PayPal, but with the seller -- basically e-mailing them and saying "What the hell, man?" If I'd known that, my second e-mail would have instead been a PayPal dispute!

So, now I've opened the PayPal dispute. If there's still no response from this guy, I'll escalate the dispute to PayPal themselves.

Anyone had to do this before? What's the process like? What can I expect? Is it reasonable to expect to get my money back from PayPal?
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