I don't know anything about washing machine repair

Posted by Kromey at 12:46pm Jun 11 '12
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However, if you're a mechanically inclined person, it's quite possible that you could pull it apart and find -- and then perhaps fix -- the issue, especially if, as you suggest, it's a mechanical piece that isn't engaging for some reason.

Failing that, the budget-conscious "fix" is to buy a clothes spinner. These things tend to look like way-stripped-down washing machines, except they serve only a single function: spin cycle. A helluva lot cheaper than buying a whole new washing machine, and saves beaucoup bucks on energy costs over tossing your soaking-wet clothes straight into the dryer.

That being said, though, front-loading washing machines are much more efficient than top loaders, especially older top loaders, and especially if you get an HE model (although be careful you don't use non-HE detergent in those!). While it's much more cash up front, you'll save on water and electricity and, depending on the model, it could pay for itself in utility savings within a year or two!

My personal choice would be either the spinner (if cash is tight right now) or the new front-loader, although the DIY repair option is tempting just cause I like to do that kind of thing. I would not pay anyone to repair your top-loader, especially given how much you'll save in the long run with a brand new front loader.
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