Mobile plans getting more and more expensive

Posted by Sir Four at 2:39pm Jul 19 '12
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Here's AT&T's latest under "Mobile Share":

Data starting at 1 GB with unlimited talk and text....$40
PLUS $45 per phone

So if you're a husband and wife, each with a phone, the cheapest option costs $130/month. That's a freaking lot, man! And it only gets more pricey from there.

My current plan with AT&T, which will still be available at least for awhile, is $60 for two phones plus a mandatory $20/month for basic data on a smartphone. So, That's around $100 for a two smartphone plan, plus taxes and fees. I already consider this to be a lot of money.

I'm going to be with AT&T for some time as I'm under contract, but eventually I'll have to start looking into all the weird third-tier phone services for a better deal. It's a shame the big players don't bother to offer a cheap, very low use plan for those of us who make few calls and use mostly wifi for data.
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