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Posted by tripp at 2:46am Aug 10 '12
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so im sitting in the dark room with only the computer screen lighting up my face ... listening to puscifer tool and incubus .. sitting next to my dog smokey... when a thought occurs to me that the [private] people are watching me and are waiting for me to not notice them so they can make their move ... they follow me constantly ... that one nite i saw the man in the window with long hair and blood red eyes and he told me to cut myself .. well they are still watching me and i wonder why they dont speak to me .. do they find me interesting to look at .. if so what do i look like to them .. what do they want from me .. i wish they would answer my cries ... does anybody out there have any idea on why they are so fascinated by me .. ive been seeing them for years and just recently have they really made themselves known to me ...
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