Brad Ziegler's Streak Ended

Posted by Worker Bee at 1:38pm Aug 15 '08
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but not before he got the record for most consecutive scoreless innings pitched by a reliever. Or else he tied it, not sure. Way to go Ziegler, for beginning your career in the majors with 39 and 1/3 innings of absolutely no runs. He kept a total career era of zero far longer than anyone else ever has.

Now to see if he can continue his job as a closer on the A's properly, or if his confidence has been shot too much.... Hopefully he'll still do great, the A's certainly need this rookie. (for those that don't know his story, he's a 28 year old rookie. the reason why he's so old as a rookie is because during his time in the minors he ended up with TWO skull fractures. but he's still alive and pitching great.)

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