Any places you're scared to go to?

Posted by Sir Four at 10:27am Aug 3 '05
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I'd love to go to Egypt and I hear prices for tourists are very low right now. Of course, the reason they are low is because people are afraid to go there due to massive amounts of anti-Western sentiment. I'd love to see the pyramids and other ancient structures, but I doubt I'd risk traveling there. I hope in the future feelings become less hostile.

I bet jerusalem would make an awsome trip, but just as surely as I won't go to Egypt, I won't go there. And you know what would be truly interesting? Baghdad. I mean, we're talking about the cradle of civilization. Imagine walking through that museum before it got looted. No city has more history than Baghdad. But unless this whole democracy thing gets working, you won't see me there.

Any other scary places worth a visit? Hmm. I'd like to do a road trip through Mexico and maybe into Central America, but no way would I risk it. Outside the tourist areas, Mexico isn't exactly a safe place. But I would go to see the Mayan ruins. That wouldn't be too bad. You can get a package tour to see several of the major spots, you know.
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