Crazy Guy On A Bike

Posted by kurt at 10:07am Jun 16 '09
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Hello my darling. I know I haven't called when I said I would. I meant to, I really did. I was just busy... with stuff.

but I'm IN EUROPE BABY! I forget where you and I left off, but I was in Afghanistan until April of 2009 and upon returning to Canada, I promptly left again for the summer! I am cycling across Europe for 2 months. I started in London, England on May 27th and will finish in Rome, Italy, on July 29th. You can follow all my antics on my tour blog, if you so wish. There's plenty of photos for you to enjoy, too :)

Perhaps I shall return to "normalcy" upon my return from Europe. I am headed back to school for my MBA in August. Eeep!
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