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Posted by Sedruce at 4:31pm Oct 5 '09
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So, I'm setting aside 100 bucks per paycheck. In about two years, I'll have around 5k, and I'll blow it on a vacation (see why I asked my recent RQotD? heehee). Depending on my leanings when I get closer to that time, I'll either make a social trip (prolly that giant road trip I'd talked about) or, what I'm leaning towards right this moment, I'll go some foreign place and spend a while intimately getting to know a city.

I love city stays. I've been to Europe three times, to most western European countries. One trip was a week-long whirlwind of Italy, one was a month-long whirlwind of everywhere, and one was a week-long visit to London and Paris (we were supposed to go to Madrid as well, but the bombings in the train station happened when we were in the New York airport on the way to England, and us being a school group with concerned parents, we suddenly spent extra time in Paris instead of going to Madrid because of fears it wasn't safe...can't even tell you how bummed I was, I was most looking forward to Madrid because Spain is the one place I didn't hit up on the month long trip!!).

And while I have no unfond memories of any of the places I went, I've been thinking back on it and I've come to realize that places like, say, Naples, where we didn't spend much time...hold no warm, happy memories. Whereas I remember the gelatto place in Rome that I went to both times I went to Rome, and I really remember a lot of Paris (LOUVRE!!!), and London (BRITISH MUSEUM!!!!), because those are two places I spent the most time and had the most freedom. I think there's something to be said for seeing as much as you possibly can in the time you have...but I think there's also DEFINITELY something to be said for making a place your home for the time you're there, whether it's a few days or a couple weeks. City stays are, in my opinion, the best way to travel...either serial city stays (3 days or so in a city, move on to another city) or, better yet for me, a more long term city stay.

So, I'm gonna do one (or possibly two) city stays when I have the moneys.

So far, I'm thinking London (though in fairness, I don't much LIKE London, I just wanna go back to the theatre!!), or Amsterdam. I should just make a list of all the cities I wanna go to and start looking them up to find out which one would make for the most awesomesauce vacation. :D

Mmm. I'm looking forward to it. And it's totally achievable, just taking 100 bucks out of every paycheck. Just means I go to Taco Bell less or whatever.
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