This Republican primary process is just nuts

Posted by Sir Four at 1:12pm Feb 8 '12
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I can't recall anything like it. All of them (except Paul), including the drop-outs, have enjoyed front-runner status for a time. They build up and then flame out. Gingrich won the luck of the draw by peaking at the right time, positioning him to be the anti-Romney when the voting started. But Gingrich generally sucks, and Romney has pounded him into the dust with negative advertising. So he's been sinking for weeks. Of course, he's been completely focused on destroying Romney in that time, driving up Romney's negative poll numbers.

So now Santorum just won three contests, basically destroying the other candidates...states that Romney won in 2008. But it's not quite the victory it seems, given voter turn-out was quite low. It seems Republican voters don't really like any of these guys.

And Ron Paul is finished. If he can't win in low turn-out caucus states, he can't win anywhere.
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