What are the Catholic Bishops/GOP thinking?

Posted by Sir Four at 10:18am Feb 17 '12
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The Catholic Bishops wanted a dramatic showdown against the administration over a requirement to offer birth control coverage to employees. This is exactly the sort of thing that gets Fox News and the GOP salivating as well. But Obama then announces a compromise that allows a religious exemption for the Catholics, but requires insurance companies to offer the coverage to individuals who opt in on their own free will. This compromise enjoys popular support, according to polls. But the Bishops don't want the issue defused, even though they are at odds with their own laity on the issue. So they continue to oppose the compromise (which I suspect will be futile).

What does the GOP do? Some commentators had predicted they'd make a temporary stink over it to appease their base, then quickly let the issue fade away...after all, the far right position on birth control is ridiculously unpopular with the general public. If there ever was a losing issue for the GOP, this is it. But rather than letting this blow over, they are, amazingly, doubling down.

They organized a House hearing on the issue, without a single woman testifying...they even blocked a woman from testifying, whom the Democrats tried to bring in. Santorum, the current front-runner, blasts contraception with regularity ("It's not OK. It's a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be."). Santorum's financial backer was on MSNBC saying back in his day "gals" put aspirin between their knees for contraception (what does that even mean?).

I can only imagine that GOP political advisors are tearing their hair out trying to get these folks to shut up about this issue. Gallup has Obama's approval up 10% over last week among 18-29 year olds, and it's got to be due to the contraception fight.

And, in this same week, conservatives are also attacking women playing a larger role in the military. Are they actively trying to push more women into the Obama camp?
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