you're right.... or at least partially...

Posted by Otter at 9:47am Aug 26 '10
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Unfortunately I personally find your statements to be weak because your citations are fragmented and/or wholly out of context... but you're right when you say that:

* Rapture is a theory (in the form that most of us understand it today anyway) - created by humans. Yes it is.

* Rapture has nothing to do with your salvation... also right. Salvation is through faith alone.

As for your insistence or insinuation though of what "end times" *do* LOOK LIKE from a human perspective and what the Kingdom of God looks like... I can neither agree or disagree... but only say that I do not think this can be truly known.

My own opinion of this DOES differ somewhat sharply from your's... but I recognize it as an opinion and not based completely on biblical fact. In my own logical determination - I find a lot of lack of continuity and clarity in the opinions you have formed as well.

Question: Are you a Jehova's Witness?

This probably belongs on "holy war" but I don't really mean to take you down as someone who considers him/herself a brother of Christ... but rather I am truly concerned about your understanding.
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