I recently started watching Breaking Bad

Posted by Sir Four at 3:54pm Aug 7 '12
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My brothers hyped it up as one of the best shows ever, so I had to check it out on Netflix. Now I'm almost at the end of Season 2, and still not sure how much I actually like it.

None of the characters are likable or have any/many redeeming qualities, which is... different. I haven't decided if it's different-good, or different-bad. The main storyline of the show is interesting and unique, although all the cancer stuff is depressing. There is occasional excitement, but a lot of overly-long scenes that just sort of linger on the characters' awkwardness.

I do like how the opening scenes of each episode are usually bizarre. Favorite so far was the ominous Heisenberg drug ballad with the cheesy video effects:

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