Gun control measures fail in the Senate

Posted by Kromey at 4:03pm Apr 18 '13
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7 gun control or gun rights proposals were defeated in the US Senate yesterday, including Feinstein's radical gun and magazine ban as well as national concealed-carry reciprocity:

Manchin-Toomey-Schumer "universal background checks" amendment - Failed 54-46
Grassley-Cruz-Graham substitute amendment – Failed 52-48
Leahy-Collins trafficking amendment – Failed 58-42
Cornyn right-to-carry reciprocity amendment – Failed 57-43
Feinstein gun & magazine ban amendment – Failed 40-60
Burr protection of veterans' gun rights amendment – Failed 56-44
Launtenberg-Blumenthal magazine ban amendment – Failed 46-54

You'll probably notice that most of these actually had a majority vote in their favor, however the Democratic majority adopted a rule (which Republicans accepted) to only advance an amendment with the 60 votes that would be necessary to defeat a filibuster -- a rule the Democrats I'm sure are quite happy with the results of for the two amendments with the second- and third-highest "Yea" votes, national right-to-carry reciprocity and veterans' gun rights.

The core bill, S.649, is still alive in the Senate, with no vote taken on it yet. I'm actually unclear what's in this one; it's something to do with NICS and background checks, but everything I thought was in it I'm actually finding in the Manchin, Grassley, and Leahy amendments to it -- which were all defeated. Reading the summary or the text of it is mind-numbing, and with all the references to various other Acts and Bills it's basically impenetrable unless you go read all of those, too! So I'm rather confused about what's actually here, however if the fate of its amendments are any indication it likely won't last long either.

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