Here's some things I've found

Posted by Kromey at 9:00pm Jun 6 '12
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Programmable Thermostat
This one happens to accommodate 7-day schedules, as opposed to just weekday/weekend schedules or one schedule for every day, yet it's reasonably priced compared to those others and has solid reviews.

Dual Flush Toilet Conversion Kit
Gives you two flush modes, as well as aims to improve the efficiency of the bowl refill (while I wouldn't be surprised if the brand new toilets in our brand new 5-star energy rated home are better than average, one Amazon reviewer of a similar product says he measured a 3/4 gallon overfill of the bowl, which literally just vanishes down the drain!). A friend of ours has a similar product in one of their bathrooms, and it seems to work well for them.

1.25GPM Low flow showerhead
I've never heard of low-flow shower heads before, but at under $9 a pop it's a cheap experiment that could potentially reap huge rewards!

0.5 GPM Low Flow Faucet Aerator
Same concept as the low-flow shower head, but for faucets. Some reviewers noted that they have to run the water longer to get hot water, so these may not work out that well to reduce water use, but at $3/ea another cheap experiment we can try!

Any thoughts on these? Or suggestions for more?
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